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If it doesn’t change you, it isn’t love
If it doesn’t hurt, it isn’t love

Love can touch the intangible
Love sees the invisible
Love believes the impossible

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Love is diligently seeking for one’s goodness
Love is enough to let you go
Love is the knowledge of truth
Love is having the attitude of gratitude

Love is a covenant intertwining two bodies
Love is unquenchable joy
Love is perpetual understanding
Love is the benevolence of grace

Love is giving without finding fault
Love is triumphing over obstacles
Love is serving
Love is a choice

Love is bombarded by exhortation
Love is a superb offering
Love is a magical favor
Love is unmerited approbation

Love is regarded by matchless satisfaction
Love is empathetic redemption
Love is the summation of all virtues
Love is fervent in earnest labor

Love is forbearing charity
Love is the amity of courtesy
Love is nourishing concordance
Love is turning cursing into blessing

Love is susceptible for the vulnerability of the heart
Love is substantial spiritual gift
Love can save to the uttermost
Love can lay down His life for His friends

Love can set you free
Love can move mountains
Love can love the unlovable
Love can humble himself

Love can mend the broken heart
Love can obliterate condemnation
Love can destroy every yoke
Love can do all things

Love propels us to forgive
Love has nothing to do with hatred
Love casteth out selfish desires
Love exhibits genuine affection

Love diminishes apathy
Love withstand tribulation under oppression
Love abhor wicked things
Love surpasses all understanding

Love rebukes the devourer
Love squandered vile offense
Love isn’t conceited on its own but can associate with the lowly
Love is the only thing that keeps the world moving

We must be reduced to love…

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