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I was mesmerized not just by your looks but by the glow of the image of Christ through your smile

Can it be possible? To adore someone you don’t even know personally? I started following you on IG glad you followed me back. Looking to your posts make me realize that you are more than just a man you are most likely a godly one. Nothing is more beautiful than a person who finds happiness and peace with God, maybe that’s what makes you stand out among all the people I follow on IG. Your passion in serving God appears in your aura ❤

There are many things I wanted to know about you, I am so excited to hear stories of faith and testimony. I know you have a lot to share 😊

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I am praying for you, that you remain faithful abiding in the presence of the Lord as always. Serve him with all your heart and let his light continually shines among you.

Hope destiny takes a good shot 😊



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