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Hi. Before anything else, I want you to know that you are loved.

Disclaimer: I want you to know that I am not here to judge you for doing it. I want you to know that I am writing this not for publicity or because someone’s nudes went viral and I want my blog to become viral as well. No. Honestly, I don’t want to write this one. Because I am thinking that instead of helping, this article will fuel the fire and make people look for the pictures that they say is currently circling around the internet. But I felt that I needed to write this one. I know I do. As a man, I think, I need to somehow address this issue and let you remember something that is very true to you.

I might not fully understand the intensity of the feeling that you’re feeling right now but what I know is that you did it because you love him and you trust him. You did it all because you care for him and you’d do anything for him. You are a keeper, a person who loves to love and is not looking for a fling. You want something real and though I am a man and will not fully grasp how women view things, part of me will surely and will be able to relate to the part where when you like someone, you’re willing to give your all, that when you commit, you want someone for the rest of your life. I get that.

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I want you to know that I didn’t say those to make you feel better. I just want to make you remember your worth as a woman. “Remember” because you know your worth. You know your value, but sometimes we forget that and it makes us settle for less than what you deserve.

You don’t need to send him pictures or videos as a sign of commitment or trust. You don’t need to do that. You are not entitled or required to.

Just because he courted you and spent money on you, does mean that he already owns you.

You are more than that. You are more than just a body or an instrument to fuel men’s lust. Trust me, if he cannot control his own struggle with lust, he will never become a faithful husband someday. Because lust always wants more and overtime though he likes your body, he’d look for more. That is actually the reason why porn is addictive. There’s always something new. Something interesting. —Trust me, I am a man. I know.

So, please do not send him nudes. Settle for someone who’s patient enough to wait until you said yes. For someone who’d cherish and could wait for your kiss or body until the day of your marriage. Do not settle for men who say that they only want your body that is why they need it when they’re all fired up. That is utter crap.

Settle for someone who will choose you and only you despite of the bad things you did or even when they’re not getting something from you. Someone who will love you even if you mess up because we also mess up.

Please, do not send nudes. Away with the camera, please. Focus on the other person and his/her immutable value and not on what you want to capture through those lenses. The greatest things in life are stored in our memory, not on those pictures because they are merely reminders. But memories, they will never fade away.

Remember, you are more than a body or a face. If he’s attracted or only sends you messages simply because of your face or body, then, he does not really love you. You are a soul and a soul is someone worth knowing forever. Never settle for less than what you deserve. Do not break your heart or give someone something that you can never get back unless they’re worthy of it.

Lastly, you are loved by the Creator of this vast universe and Him alone is enough and more than what guys like us can possibly offer. Do not send nudes, do not even date him unless you are sure that this man looks at you the way your Creator looks at you.

You’re more than lust. You’re not just a body. The only one who deserves that is the one you’d one day marry.

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