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 I am pretty sure that your mind is still thinking about possible reasons why two of you didn’t work out and why you  should still be together, the feeling that your heart is aching and your mind is trying his best to undo the pain. The truth is,  love changes all the time. One day, the word “I’ll stay with you “ will turn into “Im, sorry, I need a break.”

Forgive and then forget the most famous advise that you will hear when it comes to moving on. But the question is, paano nga ba? Hindi naman tayo kahit kailan naging handa pag usapang hiwalayan na. The sad reality of  breaking up is that kahit na you have a lot of things in common, ‘yung kaisa isang wala kayo ay ang paniniwalang may pupuntahan ang relationship ninyo. In love, you always have a choice: its either someone chooses you or they don’t. Either someone decides to fight for you, or not.   It’s hard to search for an answer why the two of you didn’t work. Pero sabi nga nila, people come together and move apart, some are shorter journeys and some are meant for a lifetime.  Two people in a relationship, either grow together or move apart over time and some do both. Minsan, we get too attached to something familiar and convenient , hirap tayo mag let go kasi dun na tayo nasanay and iniisip natin na everything will be okay. Pero, are we really happy or we are just comfortable?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Iwanan at maiwan ng taong mahal mo pareho naman masakit at mahirap, kasi natatakot tayong maging mag isa, natatakot tayong baka wala ng mag mahal satin. Pero never ever think na may mali sayo. Not because your relationship didn’t work, doesn’t mean that you are a damage person. NO! It didn’t work out cause you two are not meant to be together. God is preparing us for someone who is worthy of our love. Just let go of what’s uncontrollable, and control to move forward.

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