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I bet many of us are into Kdrama these days. One of the things I admire about Kdrama is the sense of unpredictability. That is why we get hooked on the first episode alone because it is kind of cliff-hanger that the next episode(s) would satisfy our curiosity or questions. This then sets the tone of an avid binge-watching thereafter. Traffic ain’t much of a problem once our eyes are glued into the series we are watching. During breaktime at school or in the office, our hands find their way to an earphone placed into both ears signifying that we are shutting our worlds from reality and immersing into the story we are currently devoted at. And now, we are guilty of this – we even spend sleepless nights watching kdramas wanting to finish one episode after another only to find out we finished the whole series and it is nearing dawn.🤭

Watching kdramas in never a problem. But as an avid fan of numerous Kdramas since Lovers in Paris, I have noticed commonalities in almost every romcom series. One is a depiction of a knight in shining armor just in time for a rescue to a damsel in distress. Another thing is the too good to be true “perfection” of an Oppa who is overly gentleman and does everything for the love of his life. Not to mention car accidents, memory loss and gunshots in almost every other story.✌

Admittedly in the past, I tend to picture myself as the lead character in the drama fantasizing that an Oppa will do the same thing for me. The danger into this kind of reverie is that we picture a “perfect” partner as someone we watched in Kdramas. If one would court us or if we are currently into a relationship, we have been secretly wanting that our suitor or partner will do the same thing for us. And if not met, led us into being disappointed and worse, would try to look for that “perfection” elsewhere.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

But that is not always the case. To each his own. It is okay to have higher standards. That’s fine. But let me remind Christian ladies that true love is found in Christ. Meaning, Christlike character outshines the “perfection” we deemed in Oppas in most Kdramas. Still, nothing beats the love of Christ. So if you are waiting for an Oppa, or in search for the ideal guy, focus your eyes on the cross. He will lead you to him.❤

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