Let go the idea of happiness that turned out to be a counterfeit. You aren’t happy. You aren’t impassible.
Allow yourself to cry. Accept that we can’t always be happy.
Love is sometimes hard to navigate. Your heart will be broken and you’ll  feel the pain. You’ll get hurt but please do recognize the pain.
Don’t counterfeit happiness just to show to everyone that you are happy and in-love. Don’t apologize for being broken.
Every fissure brings you closer to yourself. Don’t hide the cracks rather pick it up.
Every broken piece reminds you of loving yourself more than you do then.
Don’t hold onto that  deep fissure inside and never envelop it with a bogus smile.
Let go all the things that are no longer good to you. Tell it to the world.
Don’t be afraid to show the real you.
Don’t be afraid of what people might say about you.
You are what you are.
You are human and you’re capable of experiencing the pain.
Be open to all possibilities; of where love may takes you
Of what could actually be.
The thought may be terrifying and your story may yet entangled with legends and tragedy
Be that protagonist.
Be that character who’s in pain but beautifully broken.