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It may not seem that you are moving right now, but when God says that I promise you this, He keeps his promises because He is not like anyone else. He is God and He keeps His promises.

Waiting is something not all of us are really fond of doing. As the years go by you start to wonder if, does He really heard my prayer?

Maybe there’s just this moment when God lets you wait a little longer. We sometimes want to create a certain timeline for the things that we want to happen in our lives, be married in our 30’s, have 2 kids, settle for a government job, be promoted, construct your dream house, buy your first car, and many more.

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We have this checklist of the things that should go in line with the timeline we set for ourselves, but sometimes God has other plans for us.

He delays all that we wanted because he sees that this can sometimes be protection, that delaying those things were meant to protect us because if we will have it may cause us more harm than good.

But we don’t see it the way God wanted us to see it, and we get frustrated and disappointed with ourselves and also with Him.

Maybe God gave us those delays because at some point he wanted us to learn and realize that waiting is a joyful thing to do.

That despite what the world wanted us to see, waiting is simply a great thing that could happen in our lives.

Maybe in waiting, we get to have a chance to focus on the other things that have been disregarded because we choose to wait.

And by doing those other things God is making his way in giving you that long-awaited gift, relationship, promotion, success.

And without realizing you made your whole life complete that if he then will finally give it to you it will not be the thing that completes you because at that time you receive it you are already complete. And accepting it is just a bonus to everything that you have accomplished in the waiting.

God never is late. His timing is perfect. And if he declares to give you something he will surely deliver. But God’s time is not the same as ours.

So I pray that despite the difficulty in waiting may we all find and see that simple Joy in the process.

Waiting is in some ways joyful as long as you change your perspective and see, really see what God wants you to see.

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