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  • Someone with the proven ability to change. There’s growth.
  • There’s change! Hindi  puro promises at potentials.
    • potential is potential but potential is useless without cultivation
    • like a rich soil, or a deposit of oil underground, or a stack of cash
  • This green flag is a person who has worked on something difficult and you watched them improve and can witness how different they are in the present with this new skill.
  • There are some things na willing siya to change (not everything, not his core values) to prove his/her love to you.)
  • If we stop growing, we stop loving.
Conflict Management
  • Not all conflict are beneficial. Conflict is only healthy if its managed well.
  • They are willing to set in the negotiation table. Hindi yung aayaw kagad or biglang tatahimik. Silent treatment to icing-manlalamig hangggang ikaw na lang manunuyo.
  • This skill is hard to develop. Not so natural.
  • Sitting through uncomfortable spaces is a part of every relationship.
  •  Choose people who choose you over their pride.
  • Managed Conflicts are your relationship badges.
  • Fight, but fight clean.
  • They respect your boundaries.
Direction over Emotion
  • Emotions are thermometer not thermostat
  • Observe mo ano yung intention at match ba sa actions
  • Mature people will match their intention with their actions
  • Not allergic sa DTR, they will give the clarity you deserve
  • There’s clarity of purpose of the relationship, hindi go with the flow lang.
  • They can fight for their worth and values, (one maturity test is they respect their values)
  • What you believe about yourself determines the kind of relationship you believe you deserve.
  • They can decide, they know what’s wrong and what’s right
  • Yes is Yes, No is No
  • They are not an open door
  • Their identity is not in the relationship
  • Believe it or not, real men are more interested in the size of a woman’s heart and mind than the size of her waist.
  • They invest in their character growth
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