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The problems kung inuuna mo yung imaginations before clarity.
  • Assumption is a mother of all confusions.
  • Assumptions is  termites in relationship.
Solutions or Tips:
  1. Watch out for lines na smooth pero walang direction. Don’t be a victim of your assumptions lalo na pag sinabihan kang “enjoyin lang natin toh”
    • “ang mahalaga ok tayo” it might be convenient for today, but you can never say if it will be the same tomorrow.
    • “Go with the flow” is a trap.
    • Basta masaya ako pag kasama kita at masaya tayong dalawa!
    • Words are powerful. It can ignite hope, but it can also ruin everything.
    • so before you assume, try
      • Asking
      • Understanding
      • Clarifying
      • Defining– DTR
      • You have a lot of options!
  1. Words gives assurance but action brings clarity.
    • Back up your words with actions.
    • You’ll never know until you take action. And that action will either lead to clarity.
    • Sabi nga namin, “Act your label.”
    • actions and words should be aligned.
    • Assuming is easy, clarifying is hard.
    • Kung UMAMIN man siya, so what? what’s the catch? what’s the next steps?
      • Guys: make a plan and execute it, DTR and with clear intention
      • Ladies: you have to check if you want the same direction, can he commit and be consistent
      • He deserve to be respected but not to be reciprocated
  1. Being liked is different from being VALUED.
    • Pag sinabihan kang “Naku-curious ako sa’yo”, wag muna mag imagine. Curious pa lang naman, di pa sure. Di ka pa mahal.
    • You don’t deserve someone who just likes you; you deserve someone who values you.
    • Being LIKED is dependent on others, being VALUED starts from how you view yourself (self-respect)
    • Wag maging marupok sa droplet of attentions!

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