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Many a man claims to have unfailing love, but a faithful man who can find?” (Proverbs 20:6)

Dear future wife,

First and foremost, I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart so I will not awaken my love for you until it so desires.

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Maybe I’m not yet the man who deserves your love; the man you want to be with. The man with strong conviction and great standards and focused on his priorities; the man who knows what matters to him and what he stands for; the man that you are dreaming of.

Maybe I’m not the man yet that will save your heart from breaking if that time will come. Maybe, M-A-Y-B-E, no, I’m still quarter-way in digging the deepest heart of God just to find you. I still don’t have the key to the door of that season- season of saying “I love you,” and “I want to marry you,”- but wait, the key is on top of the door and I’m waiting too, for my growth in faith just to reach that, so that I may open the door.

I’m Training Myself Now

I’m still working out my muscle of faithfulness to the LORD in order to prepare myself for that big event. Don’t worry, even though I failed on investing my emotion to someone before I learned that it is much better to spend it wholly on no one else but to this Someone. Don’t search for me, because I am the one that will search for you. Though I failed in this process I learned a lot. It is really a hard, hard way but I should stand up and grow on my own mistakes and never do this again.

My wife, I pray that while we are both single that we will seek more who Christ is with all of our hearts and share it with all of our might to those out there that don’t know it yet. And I pray that when we get married on our wedding day and the next days after it, our lives as couple will not preoccupy by the love we have on each other that we forget to continue spreading the love, the greatness of God and making disciples for Christ.

Yes, God knows, I’m immatured in terms of manhood, integrity, purity, how to treat a woman like you with sisterly love, but I know God is still teaching me, pruning me, and nurturing me to be the man that He designed me to be. I’m still in progress of becoming a real king because I know that you’re a queen.

Exact Time of Arrival Will Come

Sorry, I definitely don’t know the exact time when I’ll be with you. It’s a privilege for me to enjoy the first part of the book (a love story) that He wrote for me: being in a relationship with Him. The second part of it, is ‘in relationship’ with you.

I hope and pray before you read these lines you are so much in love with your Saviour, Jesus Christ and your eyes are focused on Him. Never worry about your future because He has prepared someone already for you… and that’s me.

Absolutely, I’m not yet the man, but the time will come that God will let us meet each other and hopefully I’m already the MAN you want to be with. Keeping up the process of imitating Jesus Christ is my first priority; this is the only formula to be a man for you. See you soon.

Your future husband.

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