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The alarm clock is ringing! It is time to wake up, my eyes are widely open but I think I am still dreaming.  Is it the reality? Of course it does, cos I can still feel the pain of yesterday. I wish one day it will turn around. That there will be me, living with a real happiness and dreaming of pains and failures.
arghhh! I’m dreaming again. Dreaming is a waste of time. Its just a word that will satisfies you, to run from reality , to reach the unreachable and get what you cannot have. You know what? The worst part of dreaming is that you were just thinking. Tell me, it is a waste of time, isn’t it? Of course, you will not agree to it, cos you love dreaming. You love to fly with your own thoughts to reach the sky, climb to the highest mountain and to conquer everything but YOU CAN’T. When you start dreaming, the reality of you stops. You are going to be stagnant. Cos You choose to not move for a while, you choose to look up to the sky and just cry. Do you think something’s change? No. nothing’s change.
So, I tell to myself, STOP DREAMING! STOP DREAMING! STOP DREAMING. Cos it won’t change nothing, it won’t.  so I think, what is more better than dreaming? And the thought pops in my mind, “SET YOUR GOALS”, right! I need to set my goals, it will also satisfies me and it will not make me run from reality, but besides it will teach me how to face it. So if someone tells me to start dreaming, I would say “Dreaming? Nah! I have goals to reach.” 😊



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