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And so I said it is enough…

It is enough that I made my feelings known to you…That I have opened my heart once again…That I have shown what I can offer even after my heart has been powdered to pieces. It is enough that I stretched my arms to hold your falling pieces…. that I have helped you break barriers, and be yourself.

It is enough that I have seen the vulnerabilities behind such composed stature. It is enough that I have explored the quirks that you have… it is enough that I have seen even just a glimpse of who you are. And all that I have known about you, are more than enough for me to say that I have met an amazing person. That walls are worth breaking sometimes, that risks are worth taking sometimes, and that love is worth giving a chance.

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It is enough that you have left prints of awesome memories on the walls of my existence- footprints that could guide me back to the path of how two strangers could make an amazing tandem. All that I saw, heard, and felt, is a testament to how God had blessed me enough to still let me experience happiness, butterflies, sunshine, and rainbows even after I told Him, “Enough. I had a lot. I can’t bear love’s burden anymore.”

And although I am not the muse of your lyrics, prose, and poems… although what we have will only last momentarily, you have built a monument, big enough, breathtaking enough, worthy enough, for me to keep, as a reminder, that once in my waiting place, in my hoping season, God showed me what I should look for and what I shouldn’t settle for, as I desire for the man of my prayers.

I have grieved, been in denial, I had experienced anger, I have bargained with God, and asked for you instead, I have experienced feeling depressed about my unanswered whys, but now I am ready to accept whatever we are, whatever we will be, together or separately…

And so, I say… that was enough.

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