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You’re doing great, all those prayers will be answered in perfect time. All those daydreams where you saw her eyes sparkled when you gave her those forget-me-nots and handwritten letters will soon become real.

You may be as frustrated as her waiting on a park bench, hoping both of you will fit together. But when you find the one the universe prepared for you, it won’t be a piece of a puzzle that will fit in. It will be a paper and a pen, both can’t make a letter on their own but can write a poetry together.

There’s a fine line between compatibility and complementary. The right one will certainly arrive in a least expected way. Many can fit to your standards but only one can make you complete. And when she arrives, all the butterflies in the stomach will float, you’ve seen the best and the worst, and still chose both.

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She may be busy reading those books in her solitary room while you are at your favorite café waiting for the door to open, hoping that someone will make your heart skip a beat. Or maybe you are on your way home but she’s on her way to work.

You’ve waited so long for her like love and patience in a parallel line—so close, yet so far to meet.

But the longer the wine sits the more valuable it is. Someday all those sacrifices will be worthy. The lonely times will be gone and all those hardships will be replaced with joy.

God knows our deepest longings, but His plans will still prevail. He’s preparing you for the best love story.

If you want God to orchestrate; wait and meditate.

You will soon find her and all those dreams will come true but right now you pray for her happiness.

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