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Sometimes, I wonder why

Things didn’t happen according to our desire.

Sometimes, I wonder why

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Things are bound to break my heart.


We were once happy back then

Fueled by sweet words and actions

Filled with love and inspiration

Strengthen by care and admiration.


You made me feel special –

Worthy of your trust,

Amazing efforts,

Precious, not wasted time.


You were once so happy with me,

Excited to meet me,

Delighted when I’m smiling, and

Amazed by the simplicity.


How does things went wrong?

Why were those days gone so easily?

Am I not enough?

Are we not enough?


Questions filled my mind

Heartbreaks to heartbreaks

Unexpected situations

From unexpected persons.


In a blink of an eye

Sweet kisses turned to memories

Sweet words to blaming one another

Future dreams to redirected prayers.


I once held on to someone like you

Someone whom I prayed –

To be my last and

Be a leader and a father to our children.





I once held on to your words

Words that are wholeheartedly felt

Words I thought are true,

But now all gone.


I want you to know that I loved you so dear

And still I am

Things might have been different

But oh, my love for you never changed.


You chose to break my heart

When you chose the other one

You chose to break my heart

When you cared for that someone.


Yes, I can’t deny that it does hurt

When I felt like the world fell above me

Whenever I saw you with her

Smiling, the way you looked at me before.


But after months of suffering

One thing is certain

I chose to let you go

Because God told me to do so.


I don’t blame anyone of what happened

Because I prayed for God to pave the way

I asked Him to made me realize

And reveal if you are really mine.


You know what,

I thank Him for that one night that I prayed

And after days He answered

Sadly, it was that situation.


Thank you for the memories, ***


I treasure every single smile I had with you

Although things went wrong unexpectedly

Know that I already forgave you

And I hope that you forgive me too.


Now I realize

Why things are bound to break my heart

God is leading me

Bringing me back to the desire of His heart.

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