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In a far away land, there was a crystal maiden who is living a simple life. She is graceful yet fragile but in spite of that, her God puts a fire of wall around her that anyone who tries to steal her treasure will be burn into ashes. She is patiently waiting for someone who is worthy enough to pass through the fire that will test his motives, whether it is genuine or not. In the other side of the world, a man whom God preserved his heart plays a vital role for the life of crystal maiden. He obey every instructions of his Master and most importantly, the man of valor loves his Master more than anything else. One day, as he wander in the place of unknown, he saw an old man beaten up by a group of thug. With an eyes full of compassion and without hesitant, he ran in haste and rescued the old man. He ask the old man of his house so that he could treat his wounds. As they were getting nearer in the old man’s house, a crystal maiden whom happen to be the daughter of the old man, welcomed them with tears in her eyes. She can’t bear to watch her father wither away into a frail right before her eyes. So without wasting their time they took the old man and lay him down on his bed. After they treat his wounds, the man took the initiative to cry out to his God and prayed for the old man’s life. They both cried out to the Lord and their eyes shed streams of water, God heard their desperate call and look upon their distress and stretch His healing hand to bring healing upon the old man’s life. The crystal maiden witnessed everything, she fell on her knees in awe of what God did to her father. No words can describe how much she felt when she saw her father being healed. She loves her father so much that’s why it is hard for her to leave him alone.

“This was planned by God a long time ago, and it is not by accident that the man rescued the old man battling in his last breath. God wants the two of them to meet each other. And with that, a smile on His face appeared- knowing that the story He wrote is now finished.”

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