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“God loves you that much that He spares you from yourself.”

For almost two years, I hold on to this feelings.

I savored the thinking that he-likes-me-so.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I dreamed of you-and-me-together forever.

I thought of ‘there is a lot of interesting men out there but to him I can see my future life with’.

I assumed (well, just a student at Assumption University).

I misunderstood his actions and messages.

I invested my emotions on the wrong person (wala na ngang tubo, lugi pa).

And I should know better…

to his kindness and sweetness, I should not be confused, that’s his nature!

Unless the man tells you that he likes you, never assume. When he tells you, confirm it with his actions and to God.

Because I like this person, I had my principles set off.

The ways I wanted to be treated and valued were set aside.

I compromised the way I should act as a well-kept woman.

Sorry my future partner. I should be busy doing God’s packed agendas, preparing and getting ready to become yours’ (hahahaha!). I don’t want to give you just the piece left from my heart. Starting now, I’m saving all my love for you.

I can never focus to my covenant while holding on this feeling– this feeling that wasn’t from God.

I thanked God for sparing me from my self. From my self-imposed there-is-something-between-us thing and from having “one-thri-tis” *focusing to someone/thing and missing what God has planned for you.

I was amazed by God. He knows what is really best for us — more to what we can see now and more to what we think we want right this moment.

God has his own best ways to catch our attention and remind us of our worth and His ever-sweetest love.

God’s loving hands were right up there to reach me from this wrong point >>> I discovered that he was courting another girl. *shoookt

Hebrews 11:40. There is someone in store for me– my own God’s best.

He treats me the way I deserve to be treated as a daughter of a King (Jesus).

The things that are important to me are important to him also.

We have a two-way communication.

He will never let me get confused by his motivated actions.

He provides and

He protects me physically and emotionally.

Above all, he follows God and leads me close to God.

We will meet not a moment early, not a moment late. JUST ON TIME. :))

God will move the heart of my someone when it is the right time.. same as with mine. And we will know that it is God who planned our meeting and brought us together.

To my perfect lover Jesus,

thank you. ♥ (August, 2014)

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