You’re definitely not my type. You’re not the type of guy I would fall for. You’re the least person I’d expected I’ll get attracted to. But there’s something extraordinary in you that makes my heart skips a beat. The way you talk, move, laugh and look gives me the chills. You scaled the walls I built around myself and my heart. You became my 1 Corinthians 13 love. You taught me how to be patient, to wait for the right time, God’s perfect time.

But there’s just one problem…

You’re not mine. You could never be mine. I know you belong to her. She, whom you loved from the beginning and for sure ’til the end. It hurts a lot knowing that she makes you twist, toss and turn. But it’s okay. It will be okay because I know you’ll never be happy with me because I will never be her. If she only knew how blessed she is… I’d trade places with her. I’d give anything to be her. But I know it’s wrong for me to ask you to love me instead. So I would rather let you be with her and hurt than see you miserable with me.

So here’s to you; to my most unexpected love, I fell for you. I did. It was unrequited but I know it served a purpose. Thank you for making me really happy. I hope and pray that someday when things are better and the timing is perfect, both of us could find the love we deserve.