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I’m sorry


I’m sorry for making you feel na ayaw ko na.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I’m sorry for making you feel na iiwanan kita.

What I really want is to give me peace of mind by telling me that you like me.

I won’t leave you…sana… if you give me at least 6 hours more to respond


I still love and like you but you’ve misunderstood what I said.

And here we are, no more chances of communicating to each other.


Maybe what I’m thinking was true…

You don’t like me anymore.

Because if you like me, you will listen to me bakit pumasok sa isip ko yun.

Kung bakit iniisip ko yun.

Because if you like me, you will do what I do before when I am the one who are always questioned by that kind of question.


I also have a mistake.

I acknowledged my mistake.


It is wrong for me to tell you that lalo na sa situation na nagdadoubt ka na rin.

It is wrong for me to tell you that lalo na’t di ako stable that time.

I was driven out by my emotions.

It is wrong for me to raise up my pride and tell you na “if you don’t like me, then don’t like me”


Maybe you’re crying.

Maybe you’re questioning yourself.

Maybe your fears rises up.

Maybe you were traumatized.

Maybe you’re now degrading yourself.

Maybe you hate me now.


And for all of that, all I really want to say is “I’m sorry for breaking your heart”.


It is true na “this will be better for us”.

You keep telling me before na it’s better for us not to come back to each other.

I gave a chance for us to come back but I was disappointed by what happened.

I thought everything that bothers on my mind about us will be gone.

I thought everything will be back as smooth as how we started.

But I was wrong.


Yes. You left me twice before.

And I was in deep pain on that time.

Still, chances of us to be back to each other is possible yet little.


Now, you left me again.

I was hurted. And you were hurted too because of me.

No chances of us to be back to each other.


I can blame myself for ending up with this.

But I can’t blame myself from overthinking if you’re still with me.

I am still a human.

I also need confirmation and assurance as well.

And for that, I’m sorry.


I know, you can find someone that will treat you way more better than how I treated you even if you have now developed you hard-cold heart because of me.

And I also know that I can find someone that will treat me way more and better than how you treated me.


Yes. Nagkulang ako.

At dapat kong pinunan yun.

Pero di ko nagawa at mas inuna ko pa yung mga negatibong iniisip ko.


I know na galit ka sa akin ngayon.

You’ve blocked me.

You haven’t blocked your previous man, you’ve restricted him rather.

And knowing that you’ve blocked me, you already hated me.


I’m sorry for that.


I don’t want to lose you but I’ve already lost you.

Sorry for that.


Maybe I can now move forward and forget everything.

We’re now back to complete strangers.


I am a walking red flag.

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