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I’ve waited for a long time.

I’ve waited patienly.

I’ve waited in silence.

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I’ve waited in times of uncertainty.

I’ve waited and prayed for years with tears.

I’ve waited and learned a lot of things.

I’ve waited and worked for my progress.

I’ve waited and celebrated my successes and small victories.

I’ve waited even if you were considering someone else.

I’ve waited for so long and got tired and I am now entertaining a thought.


What if I will stop waiting for you?

Will it give me more peace, joy and freedom?



I’ve waited not for nothing.

I’ve waited not for red flags and inconsistencies.

I’ve waited not to become a part of your options.

I’ve waited because I was believing that it’s you, but maybe not.


Either way works because my waiting season is not a waste of time coz I maximize it for my growth.

I think my only mistake here was I waited on a specific person.


I don’t know if I can still wait for you.

Nope. I can no longer wait for you.

And I think I don’t need to say SORRY for that. I let myself go.

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