I know that feeling when your decisions are not pleasing to those around you..That they think that your decisions are wrong, or simply not the best or not the better ones.. It’s not that you need to get the approval of others in everything you do, nor chasing to please others.. But it’s just that, you are living with these people and surrounded by these people, and what you do and what you decide, AFFECTS their emotions, affects their words for you, affects the relationships you have with them. It’s the crucial part, and whether you like it or not, your heart, too, will be affected. You may feel discouraged, and lots of worries can attact in your mind, and your heart wants to cry out in pain. You feel so alone and that no one understands you, that other people just care for your future but they doesn’t care about your feelings. You ask yourself why it’s so easy for them to accuse you without knowing your heart and your intentions? Why people are so careless with their words as if you are numb, or it’s just that, they want you to be tough by throwing stony words and thorny whispers behind you? You say to yourself, “if only I am strong, that I will not be hurt again and again, if only I am someone else who is strong enough to withstand these crowd of pains, but these are just IF ONLY..” The truth is, we cannot force people to understand. We cannot demand them to open their hearts and minds to be a lot sensitive like what we hope to be. Their thinking and their emotions are OUT OF OUR CONTROL, so are their words also.

At the end of the day, I learn to ask the One who created me.
“What will God say?”,
and NOT “What will people say?”