It’s heavy, isn’t it? That you no longer recognize the person you’ve become and you couldn’t remember why you’re still fighting anymore. And maybe by now, you don’t know how to go back to those times when you still had love for everything you do because you think you don’t deserve better. No matter what happens, please know that you may have lost most of your hopes and dreams for the things that once made you happy but I’m certain you still have that fire inside you, regardless of how small that fire is. It’s okay to feel sad and uneasy about your current situation but that doesn’t mean you’re lost forever. Know for sure that your passion will come back and it will burn again when you finally find yourself along the way. It’s alright not to be in a state of having everything you ever wanted because life will teach you to find joy in every battle. I promise you that the pain is temporary so don’t surrender just yet.

—Ivette Caburnay