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I am now in the middle

In the middle of waiting

Waiting for someone TRUE

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why TRUE?

Because I’ve met a lot of GHOST

why GHOST?

They made me feel like they are true, but they are just a lie, who disappeared in the middle of making me fall for them, gone like a ghost.


It hurts

But I’m already used to it

That everytime I met somone who’s interested in me and I too to him

I am prepared to be left alone hanging anytime

Fool right?

Emotionally torturing but I need to accept the fact that I loved the moment they made me feel special for a little bit of time

You can’t blame me why I felt this


Maybe because I am thirsty

Thirsty for someone who will have the guts to keep their words, not for just a moment, but for a lifetime.

But don’t worry

I learned enough

So now, I’m in the middle


Acceptance for the possibility that I will just be happy being single til’ paradise come

Objection for the fact that singleness is really what’s meant for me

No matter what happen in the middle

I will still be happy


Because being alone and being with someone will be both worth it

As long as Jehovah God is in it.

I will be just in the middle of all his plans for me

Because I know it will be the BEST FOR ME!

Remember Psalm 37:4

“Find exquisite delight in Jehovah, And he will grant you the desires of your heart.”

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