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I wrote this when the time came that I should fully let go of you. The time when I need to give up “us”. The time when I heard God is saying, “My daughter, trust Me in this.”

Hey there friend, there’s no harm in obeying God, in trusting His plan more than ours, instead He is delighted in you when you chose to honor Him.

Yes. Breaking up is hard to do but it is not if we have the heart to obey God.

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Remember, continuing a wrong relationship only increases pain when it finally does end. Have the courage to obey now dear. Obedience today will save you a lot of anguish and regret tomorrow.

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:” – Ecclesiastes 3:1 ESV

So here it is.

I did not expect this kind of circumstances
I’m tired of faking smiles and making new excuses
Trying to figure out, what incident is this?
Why it turned out to be like this?

I’m just so excited and happy
Of a thought that my dreams are turning to reality
But it’s real that we must expect the unexpected
Because we can’t just get whatever we wanted

We’ve shared many memories together
Exchanged sweet words and truly love one another
Many envied us on how we foster our relationship
Because it is mix with the so-called “fellowship”

It is really true that everything has a reason
Right time is the issue, not only about the right person
But I believed, God planned it carefully
It’s not just an accident, but it is done intentionally.

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