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Label… Ano nga ba ito? Ito nga ba ang basehan ng tunay na pagmamahalan o ginagamit na lang para maisip niyo na meron kayong pinaninindigan? Label, kadalasang ginagamit upang mamarkahan kung ano nga ba kayo, kung ano ba ang estado niyo, minsan ginagamit para ipagmalaki sa iba na meron ka. Pero, ano nga ba ang label? Kailangan ba talagang magkaroon nito ng madalian para kumwari meron kayong kinakapitan?

Katulad ng mga can goods, before they earn their label they are going through a very long process, a step-by-step process to be exact. Di yung pagkuha pa lang ng isda naka lata na agad at may label na Mega sardines pa. Earning your label does not work that way, hindi kayo agad nagsasama na may pangalan na sa lata.

To earn your label you must(but I do not guarantee that you would acquire a 100% success rate):

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

1. You should understand what you feel, and absorb your purpose
To earn your label, first you should understand what you feel and absorb your purpose on what and why would you like to earn that label. Labeling is not just confronting a person but first you should understand why are you doing it and also understand if what you are feeling at that moment is true and not just an infatuation.
2. Be Patient
Of course, if you now understand everything your emotions your feelings and your purpose, now you have to wait don’t rush everything because if you have patience everything builds up for itself and it gives you time to understand everything that’s going on. Example is you feel that you’re in a relationship, you know you love each other, but does not have any label because of some circumstances, like family, peers, church, and many more. To be able to earn that label you have to play a game of chance by waiting. Actually, being patient or waiting is not that bad, it gives you an opportunity to show how much do you love that person, how much would you like to sacrifice for that person, and for the both of you also to show how strong you are and how patient you could be.

3. Accept And Never Forget
So, the time has come after all you’ve been through, you understood what you feel, you knew what is the right thing to do, you also waited and had been patient observing, understanding, getting to know each other very well. Well, now the time has come for you to claim your reward and hope that your labor was not in vain. So, the last and final step to take is to accept and never forget. What does it mean? What do I have to accept? What are the things that I should not forget? In the last process not every can earns their label some maybe defected and rejected. You may I ask why? Why did that happen? Didn’t I took and followed the process? Well, to be honest, in reality there are times that you may have fought well but still lose the fight, you lose not because you weren’t fighting enough, you lose because you won, you won the battle, but you did not know that what you were fighting for was not the battle that you should have fought, some may succeed and be victorious for they choose the right battle. So for you, whether you won or lose the battle always accept and never forget what the battle had taught you, use it for the battle that you would take on, whether a battle alongside your companion or an encouragement for your loss to get back up again and to fight to live another day.

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