Lost & Found


I found love when you came along.

Unexpected yet, you were the kind of love I would only wish for in the midst of life’s chaos, in the storm of my mental health caused by a toxic, yet now distant past.

You were the star I was wishing for each night I’d go out for a walk feeling lost and alone in my own love story.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

The air my lungs has been gaspin’ for. The rain I needed to wash away all the negativity off my life.

Your love, became the sunrise that touches my browse, the mornin’ breeze that refreshes the face and the beauty of nature that restores my soul.

You have become the moon and the stars. The sun and sound of nature. The beauty of this earth and the blooming spring.

How nature reminds me of you and your love. How the skies paint your face. How baskin’ beneath the lush trees reminds me of how much healing love can give.

In my realm, you have become everything that’s fuzzy, healing and breathtakingly…


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