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This goes to all the breadwinners na napapagod na pero lumalaban pa din. Keep going. Mahirap, oo. Nakakapagod, oo. There are times na natatanong mo na yung sarili mo “Until when?” “Kelan naman ako?” “Matatapos pa ba to?” Being a breadwinner is prioritizing your family’s needs over yours. Naisasabay minsan pero most of the time, naisasantabi mo yung plans for mo yourself kasi you have to think if maaapektuhan ba yung plans mo for the family. It’s taxing. Really. Specially, kung ikaw yung breadwinner na never nagshare ng personal feelings and struggles sa family kasi you don’t want to worry anyone.

You used to shoulder your family’s needs and lighten their burdens while you were¬†shouldering your own struggles and burdens without anyone knowing. It’s overwhelming. Have you ever scheduled your breakdowns? Have you ever cried at night while biting your pillow so no one knows you are going through a rough day and waking up the following morning like nothing happened the night before?

Isang mahigpit na yakap sa mga breadwinners na moving forward kahit napapagod na. Your time will come. Everything will falls into its rightful place. Soon, your sacrifices will be paid off. Just don’t forget, your feelings and well-being also matters. Take care of yourself. Fighting!

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