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We wanna walk it well, we’re waiting because love is waiting. Let’s wait till we’re ready. Let’s wait because waiting is learning. Let’s wait because waiting is a discipline. Let’s wait because perhaps God wants us to wait. Let’s wait because God is molding us first. Let’s wait because God is preparing us individually to be the best version of ourselves. Let’s wait because when the right time comes, He will reveal it. Let’s wait because the right time will be our testimony. Let’s wait because to glorify Him is our ultimate goal!

Sometimes it’s sad, sometimes I’m full of hope, there were times when I’m tempted to listen to the voice of the world, to believe in instant gratification and many times I’m looking forward… but my greatest joy is having Him in my life. You’re a gift, just an icing over a cake and a future instrument in the fulfillment of my purpose. I miss you like crazy sometimes, yet He loves me more than you do and His love is enough to tame me and value this season called waiting.

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