Here she goes again, wandering around the four cornered room wondering about the things she wants to do. Suddenly, the sun shines through that blurry window reminding her to cherish another beautiful day and savor God’s goodness. Her feet brought her to a familiar place. A place where she can shed her tears with nobody hearing it. The drops of water from the shower witnessed every cry she had. She turned on the music and look at herself in the mirror. Staring at that creation God had wonderfully and fearfully made she just said, “how awesome is my creator”.

But there she goes again! In the thoughts of how her life has been. This time, it’s not about her “why’s”, “but’s”, and “what if’s” but it’s all about the thoughts of being in love. How long has it been since she last felt that warm love from somebody whom she gave her heart and soul? How long has it been since she heard those sweet messages from somebody she thought could stay with her till the day she die? How long has it been since she felt that warm embrace? How long has it been since she saw that face who adores her too much? Well, quite a long time now. But the memories are still fresh. It feels like it was just yesterday that they were together, when they talked about their plans of getting married, shared each others troubles, held each others arms, looked at each other with so much love. All those moments, memories, her mind and her heart can still clearly remember. She deeply sighed, paused for a while and asked herself, “love just ain’t enough?”. From that thought, her mind then again was occupied of too much things about love. Is love really not enough? There is a part of her that says yes and a part of her that says no. Oh! How hard it is to decide.

Then, she goes back to what the scriptures says about love. A love so unconditional, a love that won the whole humanity, saving the world from all trangressions. And she realized, love was enough, is enough and will always be enough. For love’s sake, the only begotten Son of God suffered and died on the cross (Romans 5:8). That was for the sake of his love for all humanity. That was for the sake of his love for her. And continuously, the scriptures keeps on reminding her of how love was enough.

For a worldly view, it is not enough and will never be enough but for God, it is. And little by little, she came into her senses. She was occupied with too much negativities and worldly thoughts that she forgot how love had conquered everything. Love is enough when she chose to live even if all she wanted was to be gone. Love is enough for her to let go and look forward for a beautiful tomorrow. Even if she has all the reasons not to wake up everyday. Love is enough when she chose to smile even if all she wanted to do was to cry until she has no more tears. Love is enough when she chose to forgive even if he didn’t even asked for it. Love is enough when she chose to accept that there is a season for everything, a time to love, a time to get hurt, a time to heal (Ecclesiastes 3). Love is just really enough for her to be able to get up and start a new life. A life full of love from her Saviour. A life that will always remind her that love is enough for her to live again, live under the sufficient grace of the giver of love, live under His passionate care. By this time, she is secured that this love will never hurt her anymore, this love will never leave her, this love will always be patient, always be kind, not selfish, not proud, does not delight on evil but will always protect, trust, hope and persevere (1 Corinthians 13). A love that will always choose to stay. A love so incomparable, so different from that love she once knew.

Suddenly, a knock from the door disturbed her but this time, she is not anxious. She fixed herself up and look at that mirror again, told herself, “go on now beloved, show the world why love is enough”. From that day forward, she started to let people around her know how love was enough and will always be enough. She knew that this time she will never beg for love because she knows she is loved so dearly and no one could take it, nor anyone could stop it. This time she will never longed for those sweet messages, and warmth embrace. She will only long for that sweet aroma of love that comes from her Saviour. She will only long for that warmth of the Spirit that guides her throughout her existence. She will only long for the presence of her Saviour. And by that she is secured, eternally. She now knows that she is forever loved (Jeremiah 31:3).❤