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I’ve always dreamt of flying above the sky

You wanted to sail around the sea

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A couple with different aspect

And a destiny only both of us can see


I love you, you love me

A reminder for me when I fly

I love you, you love me

My words of encouragement to keep moving forward


The big space between you and me

The sky up so high, the sea down below

It’s too big a risk loving someone like you with this ambition

But it’s a bigger risk to make me let you go


Let me express my love for you by flying up above the sky

That no mountains can separate us no matter what high

I will prove my love to you by sailing in the stormy sea

That nothing changes my love for you, no matter how high the waves can be


I will rise higher than the mount Everest

And in your chest will I find rest

I will sail across the pacific

To find the reason why loving you could be so terrific


I will prove that we are destined, that we are being held by fate

I will prove that we are a dish that can never be completed if not in one plate

I will prove that no storm can change the way I see you

I will prove that no matter how great the wave, my love will always be greater, for you


No matter how strong the turbulence, my love for you is stronger

No matter how much I sail, I will wait for your yes much longer

If my airplane will crash, I’ll crash it to the sea

Because I know right there someone is waiting for me


My love, If I be drowned at the storm, I’d stop my soul from rising so high

I’d be waiting and waiting and waiting, up above the sky

Because I know one day we’d meet, you’d see me up there

And dream that we would reunited at a place somewhere


My love, I’d rise myself away from the sea

My love, I’d lower myself from up the sky

We’d meet at our meeting place

At that time when you and I will never say goodbye

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