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Why are you not married yet?

You are turning 30, and still single?

Are you also bombarded with such questions?

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Like you want to answer in questions also:
are we supposed to marry when turning 30?
Are we required to be in a relationship just because of age? Is marriage that urgent?

But a gentle yet firm answer is better than a sarcastic, verbose one.

Turning 30, and still single?

Why not? As a Christian, I have non-negotiable standards for men that I’d allow to enter my life. I am not to lower my standards just to get into a relationship.
It is not being choosy, I just know my value and my purpose, and I know getting married is not all there is.

Why am I not married yet?

Marriage is no joke. One should not rush into marriage thinking it is just a piece of paper. It is a sacred thing ordained by God from the beginning of time. It is designed by God and it is for God. If not for that, then I’ll have to question my faith first, wait a little longer, or enjoy singleblessedness for the rest of my life.

Women, there are few things you need to remember before jumping into a relationship, may it be marriage, dating or romantic relationship.

You are God’s precious creation. Therefore, you are only complete when you are in God; when you realize and experience that He alone can fulfill all the longings that you have in your heart. Being in a romantic relationship, let alone marriage, will never ‘completely’ complete you as a human being, because no two persons will complete each other.

The moment you come to understand and truly believe that you have a big God who holds your future, only then that your fear of being left behind, being alone as you get older, and being a center of teasing will vanish and be replaced with peace, joy, love, security, and hope.

Oh how beautiful would that be when the right time comes— because your greatest love story is being written by none other than the Author of life and love Himself — God.

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