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I so miss you
How can I pass through this
Would you please let me go?
I know if I love
I will love so hard
Loyal and fierce
Once and for lifetime
And I cannot have that in you
Even if you miss me so
I give the whole of me
But you only need a part of me
I’ll be broken so hard
If I insist on loving you
Coz I know you already have yours?
Why are you asking me
I wanna know
But I cannot ask
Because I have no right to
But my heart would so wanna know
If you also felt how I felt

And if you say so
I don’t know if I stay
I don’t know if I’ll be a fool
I don’t know if I let my guards down
For you
Because even now that you don’t say
My heart is a trickster
That still want you

I don’t want to play
I don’t want temporary
I don’t want to just try
Maybe I don’t know how to love
How to start
How to tell my feelings
But once I love
It is true

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You are asking for a game only
A game I don’t wanna play
Coz I know I would fall for you
Please let me goo
Before I get lost..

I know I was so lost
When I look for you
However it seems I will be so lost so much more…
If I stay
With what we are
I am always on the edge
With everything
I want to be found
Before I wanted to wander
But now I wanted what is permanent
Where my weary heart can rest
I wanted to grow
And I wanted to start here
This place calms me in a mysterious way
This feels home
And so I wanted us not to ruin this
Because I know we are temporary?
Maybe we can meet in the future
Why of all people it has to be you?

Thank you
Because you have lifted me up
In a way I never imagined
In a way you may never know
I am so grateful
You have given me ray of life
In my most turbulent time
When I am on the edge of giving up
You have found me

I don’t know how can I ever repay you
I will always pray for you success
For your happiness
For you satisfaction
For a fulfilled abundant life
May you have all your hearts desire…

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