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How can I compete with a gadget that gives you everything? A medium to search for anything you want, a camera that captures images like a real human eye, a device where you can do a lot of things, and most especially, a channel where you can talk to anyone even if I am around.

Dear Mr. Chatty, is it only me thinking that you are not interested with me because you still have the time to get busy with your phone even when I am just a seat away? I envy your phone when you are so busy with it. It hurts to see you smile while talking to another person when I am in front of you. Haay… I wish to see you smile at me, not the phone, not to the person behind the text or chat you received. How I wish that I can win over your phone and get your whole and undivided attention when we’re together…

As they say, phones can bring you closer to the people far from you but takes you away from the ones sitting next to you. I guess that is really a fact. Oh boy… Your phone is my number one antagonist. Pwede bang ako muna? Ang selfish ko ‘don!

To the ladies or gentlemen who are wishing that they win over the phones of their partners or friends, I am 101% with you. I am wishing that during the times that I am with the apple of my eye, he’s going to get rid of that very expensive phone and just look at me, talk to me, and give me the attention I want. Yes, call me selfish but that’s what I want. Why not, right?

Bruh and sissies, when you’re with your partners or close friends (maybe, lol) on a date or you’re simply together, don’t you want to have genuine conversations with that person? I hate the technology sometimes. It steals the time when you can interact in person. I think it is just right to stop and think about the precious moments you are wasting to spend time with your phone doing something else or talking to people you can talk to some other time when the person whom you need to spend time with and who is worthy of your time is already there. That shows how engaged you are with your partner or friends and that would make him / her feel special more than anything. A very small gesture that doesn’t require cost. Sobrang di magastos pero heartfelt naman.

Kaya to you, Mr. Chatty and to those who choose their phones or gadgets over their friends or partners when they are together… Please take it slow. Don’t let God’s gift of technology to interfere with your personal connections. Let your presence be felt when you are physically there. Remember, life is short and we need to share the best part of our lives to the people who really matters. ❤️

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