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There are many things I did and I might do for the first time,

To live, to grow up, to have my heart broken, to move on and even die.

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At some point in my life, I did hope not to make mistakes I will certainly regret and I do hope that If I did, I will still be forgiven because this is my first life.

A lot of things happen and might happen in this first life, some of them I wish to happen in my next life and some of them make me wish not to have another life!

I have feelings I cannot hold, things and people I cannot get a hold of that makes me sad and sometimes crumble.

They just slip through my fingers all the time!

One thing I want to be sure, that in this first life everything can happen when there are chances, I will never hope nor wish, I just wanna live.

Since this is my first life, I wanna live with it!

Mountain Ridges of Laos

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