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My Prayer For All The Single Ladies

I pray that you will be a woman that God wants you to be and that you will enjoy your singleness.
I pray that you will learn to enjoy your process while waiting.
I Pray that you will enjoy how God is molding you and preparing you for the future.
In this season of your life I know it’s hard to wait but I pray that you will continue to wait patiently for God’s beautiful time.
Please know that no man can give you that satisfaction and security that your longing for ’cause only Jesus can give that satisfaction and security that your looking and longing for.
Their is no one and nothing can give you the complete satisfaction that your longing because only Christ can give you that.
Know that you are already complete and whole in Christ Jesus that no man can complete you because you are already complete in Him.
Your completeness is not base on other people, your not the half of anyone, you are already whole and complete in Christ.
I pray that while you are waiting you will learn something and you’ll grow more in your walk with Christ.
I pray that you will use your time as a single to learn things that will help and prepare you for the future, that you will be a good wife and mother to your future husband and children.
I pray that through this time you can discover more about yourself that you can use that experiences of yours for the future.
I pray that everything that you experience will remind you that it’s God’s preparation for you in the future and those things that you’ve experiences will mold you to become a woman that God wants you to be.
My you enjoy your season of waiting and that you will bloom in His time.
God has a beautiful time for you my dear sister, God is the one writing your own love story so don’t be discourage in waiting.
I know that if we wait longer it gets harder but if waiting is worth the wait then we must wait.
You might have hard time in waiting and you might not understand why you are waiting too long but trust me, someday you will understand, you will thank God that you wait and you don’t rush just because your emotions.
Just allow the process, enjoy it, learn for it, because God is molding you and preparing you for the future.
Ecc.3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in His time”. Every time you feel lonely in waiting remind your self of this verse that God has made everything beautiful in His time.
Know that marriage is not the end of our journey – marriage is just a bunos for us to have someone with us to worship and serve God together.
Marriage is all about glorifying God, the two become one in Christ to serve Him.
We might be so excited for the marriage life but marriage is not the end of our journey, this is not our goal, our main goal is to bring glory to God and to be more like Him, this is the main goal of all the Christians to be more like-Christ.
I pray that you’ll understand that marriage is all about bring glory to God alone, that He might use both of you for greater things for His name’s sake and for His Kingdom.
This must be our goal – why we want to wait and why we want to get married is to bring glory to God and to put smile on God’s face.
I pray that in your singleness you’ll love God more and more each day that you’ll be more intimate with Him.
I pray that you’ll be a woman of prayer and woman of waiting.
I also pray and encourage you to pray for your future husband that God will preserve him and that he will be a man that God wanted him to be and he will love God more than anything else in this world, that he will flee from all the temptation of this world.
So my dear sister your prayer is important, (1 Thess. 5:16-18 “Rejoice always. Pray continually. Give thanks in all your circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”).
Your prayer can change your heart but not God, we pray to know His will for us and to be honest to God everything that’s in our heart.
We pray to inline our heart to His heart and to submit to His will.
In your season of waiting enjoy the process, enjoy your time to know God and also a time to discover about yourself, and please remember their is no right one for you but God is preparing the best for you. A suitable partner for you so that both of you can serve God together.
This time give all your focus to Him and I believe God knows when is the beautiful time that you are ready for His blessing, trust His beautiful time because it will come to pass.
Don’t rush but wait patiently.
My Dear Sister I myself is also in the process of waiting but I’ve learn to enjoy it, through this season I’ve learn to love God more than anything else in this world. To soak my self in prayers, through prayer time I’ve experience God’s loving care for me that Jesus is my Sweet Lover Savior. I’m His Bride and He is my Groom.
Let’s enjoy our singleness and use the most of it for God’s glory. While waiting serve Him. While waiting worship Him. While waiting honor Him. While waiting devote your self in Him.
Our singleness is God’s blessing for us to be use for His glory and through this, God is molding and preparing us for something greater in the future. Let us be excited for it.
Trust His beautiful time because it’s always worth the wait. When we know that waiting is worth the wait, why then we are so anxious about it. Remember my dear sister He has made everything beautiful in His time. 🙂  This is my prayer for you in Jesus Name I pray Amen.

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