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Ninety-nine times
I faced my own battles
when I decided to get over you.
When I choose
to be the prison
of my own foolishness.

Ninety-nine hours
was spent just to pretend
that not having you around
isn’t a big deal
when in fact it slowly dripping
the pain inside of me.

Ninenty-nine nights passed
leaving me with tears in my eyes,
thinking how stupid I am
not choosing you and
how I pushed you away.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

And just as I thought
that everything was over,
I saw you again.
And yet,
I still don’t have the guts
to tell you how many times
I tried to forget you.

How many sleepless nights
I’ve been through
just to make this feeling vanished.
I’m a hundred percent coward.
And despite all of the silent cries
I’ve been ninety-nine times,
when it comes to you…

I still gave in.

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