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Avoid falling inlove to the nice guy.


‘Cause when he breaks your heart it will hurt you so bad.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:


‘Cause you think he is supposed to be nice and nice guys don’t break your heart like bad boys do.

Then you’ll wish you fall for the bad boys instead,

Atleast at first you knew what you’re into.

Then you’ll try to justify why sometimes he has no time for you.

Why sometimes he doesn’t update you about his life.

Why he made you feel special and the next day you’re not.

You see the red flags but you keep on ignoring,

‘Cause you believe there’s probably a valid explanation behind it.

‘Cause you have this sense that nice guy will give you assurance.

‘Cause you believe in him, too much.

And that nice guy,

Will make you question your self or your self worth.

Then will make you figure out what you did wrong,

Bacause he’s nice.

It can’t be his fault.

And yet, he’ll end up ruining you.


Note: This is kinda an advice to all the girls out there who bet nice guys other than bad boys like me. This is based on my own experience. No hates to all the nice guys out there. 🙂

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