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Book Description: 

In Passion and Purity, Elisabeth Elliot emphasizes the need to commit daily to Christ all matters of the heart and to wait upon Him. She teaches this often painful yet rewarding discipline by candidly tracing her love story with Jim Elliot as evidence that she has been there. Through letters, diary entries, and memories, she shares the temptations, difficulties, victories, and sacrifices of two young people whose commitment to Christ took priority over their love for each other. Passion and Purity gives honest direction in such areas as: loving passionately while remaining sexually pure, whether or not to marry, who is the right one, the man’s and woman’s role in relationships, how far is too far physically, and putting God’s desires ahead of personal desires.

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Very few books on dating have stood the test of time like Passion and Purity. Its much-needed message remains strong and hopeful in an age when doing whatever “feels right” is common practice. Using her own life as an example, Elisabeth Elliot guides singles of both genders and of any age on how to put their love lives under the authority of Jesus Christ. Passion and Purity covers dating issues such as: how to know which person is the right one to marry loving passionately while remaining sexually pure the man¹s and woman’s role in relationships putting God’s desires ahead of personal desires how far is too far, physically This best-selling book now has a new cover, an updated interior design, and a foreword from popular author Joshua Harris.

What could I say about the book?

I bought the book on July 16, 2013. Ever since I was a fan of any Joshua Harris’ books. I read some of his inspirational masterpieces like I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Boy Meets Girl, Stop Dating the Church, Not Even a Hint except Dug Down Deep. I strongly believe I could buy this book because Josh’s name was included on it.

Scene at the bookstore

I remembered the day when I was applying for UMID ID at SSS, I went through my favorite book store, PCBS (Philippine Christian Book Store) at SM City Fairview. Sometimes, I will convince myself to buy any items even if I didn’t want to. Pag walang budget hindi ako dumadaan sa store kasi hindi ko naman din mabibili yung mga books nagusto ko basahin. Seen zone. But at that moment,  I have extra money so I grabbed the book Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot straightly from the shelf. While holding the book at the counter, cashier (girl) suddenly looked at me and smiled. Then I smiled as well. She wrapped the book, handed it to me after paying the amount and an exchange of “Thank you” was happened.

When I left the store, I was still pondering this “Cashier Event” but it didn’t let me stay awake the whole night. Normally, people at the counter would always smile at you then the book surprisingly popped out on my mind. Passion and Purity. PURITY. Purity sometimes define as something that you would want to take care of or remain unblemished. Even before I bought the book, I read good reviews and want to be part of the revolution of holiness and purity toward other Christians especially on how we treat our sisters-in-Christ. Maybe the cashier had already read the book or somehow she was glad that even guys show interest with that kind of genre. For me, that sequence reminded me to be more concern, aware, and experience God’s holiness throughout our walk with Him. God wants His children to be holy.

At exactly one week (July 23), I finished reading the book. It’s a must read and will surely love by everyone. God be praised for this amazing and God-inspired masterpiece.

Stay blessed.


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