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1. God, I pray for his protection wherever he goes. I am praying not only for his physical safety but also his spiritual safety. I pray that you will protect his soul and spirit and would not allow false ideas to come to his mind. Rather, he will be cautious, wise and careful. May he learn how to listen and obey and would rest and stay still knowing that You are his God. I pray that he will be dependent on You. Protect his body, mind and soul.

2. I pray for favor and blessing. Whatever he desires, You know it so well. The only way I could support and help him for now is by asking You in behalf of him. I pray that you will bless his source of income, his family, his plans, his strengths, his weakenesses. May his ministry be fruitful and blessed.

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3. I pray for patience. Waiting is not always easy but I pray he will find joy in this season. I pray that as we wait for Your right time and season, we will learn to become the right person for each other. I pray that the longer we wait, the bigger faith we will develop. Help us trust in Your timing and see the beauty of obedience. I pray for strength because becoming the people You want us to be is not easy. So I pray we have the courage and will nevee give up.

4. For the man I am going to marry, I pray for faithfulness and loyalty. He might be distracted for he is only a human. So I pray that he will fix his eyes on you. I pray that he will honor me and would demostrate a love that would reflect Your kind of love. Whenever he feels lonely and distracted, convict him and lead him to pray.

5. I am asking You to help him find his contentment and identity in You so he will become secured, brave and courageous, confident yet humble.I pray that he is aware of his purpose in life and understands how You designed him – to lead and to pursue.

5. I pray for a love that is divine. May he become someone who is also concern of his family’s spiritual life. May he strive to raise our future family but knows that our soul is the most important thing. May he become wise, responsible and hardworking. Above all else, may he become strong enough to be my man.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Isaiah 65:16 (CEV)
…When you pray for someone to receive a blessing, or when you make a promise, you must do it in my name.

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