Maybe you’re asking this question right now or have been struggling with this thought for some time now.

Or maybe…you’re bombarded with these crazy questions & statements from your “usosero at usoserang” friends and relatives;

1. Bakit single ka pa? Choosy ka no?
2. Mamatay kang single dahil sa mga standards mong yan!
3. Wala ka bang nagugustuhan sa kanila? Okay naman si _________ di ba?
4. Ano ba kasing hanap mo sa isang partner? Yung perpekto ba?!
5. Hindi ka pa ba naka-moveon kay _________ kaya di ka pa ulit nagkakajowa?!
6. Tignan mo si Kuya mo nakadalawang anak na! Ikaw ni syota wala! – Kapitbahay mong si Aling Pasing
7. Babaan mo naman kasi Standards mo! Mala- Mt. Apo e!
8. Wala ka bang planong mag-asawa?! – Tita mong madalas makikain sainyo every dinner
9. Wag ka nang choosy! Sagutin/Ligawan mo na si ___________ !
10. Kelan ka maggiGF/BF?

These are the irritating questions and statements you will encounter everyday in your “Single” years. Believe me, no matter how hard you try ignore them…sometimes it will get into your nerves like singlehood is a curse or a sickness that needs to be treated.

I have a good news for you.

Singlesness is not a sickness! Rather, it is a season of our life designed to be Cultivated, Maximized, Enjoyed, Explored and Used to be the best person we ought to be. Join a cause, Build your career, Be Fit, Plan your future, Strengthen the inner man (or woman) and make some allies. Don’t skip this stage in life or you will eventually look for these opportunities pag in a relationship ka na. Don’t rush love. parang rush hour lang yan sa MRT/LRT… sa kakamadali mo…ipinagsisiksikan mo sarili mo makapasok lang. Papasok kang loverboy lalabas kang mandirigma dahil sa dami ng bruises and halo-halong amoy ng pabango, pawis at basang kili-kili ng mga katabi mo sa tren.

Each person has his/her own timeline for love and relationship. You, your friends, relatives and even yung kapit bahay mong tsismosa have their own timeline. You don’t have to compare your progress to that of other people. The person you are racing with is not the people around you but the person you always see in front of the mirror.

“Okay, i believe ready na ko for a relationship pero wala naman nanliligaw/nagkakagusto/pumapayag na magpaligaw sakin”

I feel you. But you can apply this principle.


Position yourself wherein mapapansin ka ni Crush or ng Person na tingin mong pasok sa standard mo ng “Suitable Partner”.

If you are working in the same company, be an excellent co-worker and employee to the company. Nothing is more attractive to a person than doing well in his/her craft.

If you are long time friends naman, be a good friend and show him/her that you are growing as a person (this should be natural and self imposed and not fully driven dahil lang gusto mong magpapansin). This will show him/ her that you are consistent and committed with your growth as a person.

The list can go on and on but if you can grasp the principle behind these tips, you’ll be fine. Again, Singleness is not a sickness. You are not broken. You are totally fine. You hold your own timeline. Wait for that person while being productive during your single years. God is still molding him/her the way He is molding you. Be patient and work on what you have at the moment.

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