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It’s been years since this heart went homeless

It went from one place to another

It felt happy and sad

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It felt happy but still incomplete

It has met so many other hearts

Hearts that also made it happy but broke it

Hearts that wanted to be loved but weren’t ready to give love

Those that were healing and needed to be taken care of

Most of them pretend to be ready but are scared to try

This heart met other hearts that took its parts piece by piece

It gave its pieces to make others whole

This heart gave its pieces without expecting anything in return

It became fragile just to find its home

This heart always took risks to find where it truly belongs

It was always ready to give; ready to come home; ready to rest

This heart searched far places;

It got tired of travelling far

It took a rest

Little did it know that while resting that’s when it will find its home

This heart need not search beyond its eyesight

It realized that the place it was longing for was always there; just needed to be noticed

Needed to be awakened

Its home was just always beside her

Listening to how fragile the heart has become

Listening to how it always wanted to feel safe and secured

Listening to how it wanted to feel loved; to be taken care of

And now this heart is happy and contented

This heart is still bruised but healing;

Still scared but is willing to try;

Still anxious but willing to trust

This heart is finally home. I am finally home.

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