I was sold into someone I thought was already the man I will see at the end of the aisle someday.

I loved him unconditionally, gave my full loyalty and to my surprise, he still managed to abandon me not just once but twice.

I got trust issues and who will not?

Every vows and dreams he deeply planted in my heart were carelessly pulled out from its soil

The one who constantly telling me everyday that he is happy loving me just woke up one day saying he doesn’t love me anymore.

The one who told me that he can’t live a day without me is now releasing himself from the thing we used to call a lifetime.

The one who begged on bended knees for a second chance to come in my life wasted the chance without regrets in his eyes.

The one who was so decided that I am really the one he wants to marry someday told me that he wasn’t sure anymore.

All his fear of hurting me turned into ashes.
And I was left alone with a thousand whys.
Again, for the second time.

But despite all the unanswered questions and sleepless nights, the greatest gift the Lord spared for me was the sanity about my worth.

This time, I know my worth. And it is not measured by your choice of being not with me. I might be the one drowning in tears now but in this game I know I am not the loser.

I’m confident with my capacity to love someone unconditionally, to forgive someone despite the depth of the offense, things that are strange for you.

This once-in-a-lifetime girl just slipped into your hands and it was all your loss.

I know for sure, at one point in the future. You will see a photo across your feed of a happy, loved and infinitely sure guy beside me.

And with tears of regrets running through your face, you will just whisper “I wish I was him”.