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Dear YOU,

You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart

Love, Rosie

One month before our long awaited graduation. We will go on our separate ways. Unspoken feelings will turn into forgotten dreams. Since that “moment” each and every day I find myself slowly falling in love with you. This is not what I want. I am lost and defeated. My heart admitted what my lips could not speak. Pinagtagpo pero di’ tinadhana. ‘Yan tayo. Fate, destiny, what ever you calls it. It againts us. Kasi sa tamang tao. Walang maling oras at panahon. Sa tamang tao, kayang ipaglaban. But we both can’t.

Everytime our eyes meet. I want to freeze the time and just stare at your eyes and be lost in them. I want to know you deeply so much. I want to know your dreams, your fears, your secrets. I want to have a 3:00 AM conversation with you where we can bare our souls to each other. Pero bawal. Dahil naka- commit ka na sa iba. Bawal dahil alam kong mabuting babae siya. Bawal dahil magkaiba ang ating paniniwala.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Our story will be my greatest what-could-have-been in my mountain of regrets. You’ll be my almost forever and biggest what if.

I will only have a month to see you everyday. I will treasure whatever left in those days.

See you when I meet you again,


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