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Ever wondered if what would your future be like with the man of your dream? Or maybe the question is, have you ever dreamed of it? For some people, that dream had gone out of the window a long time ago, while others are still dreamy over a fairytale-like, prince charming-thing, Cinderella love story.

Ladies today (not all, but some) often associate men with:

Kdrama leads. Tall, handsome, rich. But they can’t be real — no matter how perfect they are, no matter how much swoons they give you, no matter how many “oppa” you fall in love with in your entire life. They are for your entertainment, but you can’t bring them to real life. And don’t you ever dare force them to be real in someone else’s life, or to try comparing them with the guys you meet. That cannot be, it just can’t.

That ex of yours whom you thought was the right one for you. The one who said he’d bring down the stars for you, to whom you put your trust and all – the one who promised you forever, only to part ways after a year or two, leaving you sad and singing “where do brokenhearts go?🎶🎵” That can’t be undone either, but that won’t define you and stop you from trusting again.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

The guy who pursues you now. He who showers you with chocolates and flowers, compliments you on how pretty you are, and makes you feel butterflies in the stomach, might fail to do so in the future. He who is so handsome now will soon turn into an old man with a gray hair and a wrinkled face. So don’t look too much on physical appearance, pleasures, and material things.

Earthly fathers. Many girls and ladies alike look up to their fathers. They are the living supermen in our lives. When we have seen how they loved our mothers and experienced how to be cherished by them, they become our ideals of how a man should be. The level of respect that we have for them and the thoughts of them being the ideal husband have made us look for men who best exemplify our fathers. But even our fathers do disappoint and hurt us, they aren’t perfect.

Fairytale prince charming. Today they don’t exist in robes, swords and crowns, but they do exist in integrity, looks, and valor. They don’t exist as knights in shining armor, but that’s because we are no longer damsels in distress. And yes, chivalry is not yet dead. It may have lost its original context but I do believe it continues to reign in the hearts of men who value honor more than gain. In spite of these, they don’t guarantee us a happy-ever-after ending.

As for me, I learned to have a firm conviction when it comes to men

— that ‘my man’ is a neither like a handsome KDrama lead, a perfect suitor, nor a courageous fairytale prince charming.

None of the above.

Instead, if I could describe him in few words:

He is a true follower of Christ, a man who loves God above anyone and anything else, respectful and gentle in spirit

—any other descriptions, any definition or even imagination, everything, lies below.

He is worth the wait. Save the best to last.

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