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Heart is bleeding.

Tears are falling.

I know that you’re in pain.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Sadness makes your life so lame.


People may laugh at you,

They will smile like Satan’s flock,

They can turn the table behind your back,

Courage! Keep yourself on the track.


People may criticize you on your miserable flaws,

Judgment from hypocrites like the claws of death,

Pushing you to give up your last breath,

My Dear, just give them your kindness that lies beneath.


No one’s perfect in this materialistic world,

Even the Saints commit their own mistakes,

Even the righteous have their stories untold,

My friend, nobody was given easily a hundred-fold.


There was no real battle within other people,

The real battle is within you,

Real battle is embracing the true you,

Be proud! They can’t be you.


Believe on your own uniqueness.

Trust your own capacity.

Give the best that you can give.

Strengthen your connection with your mighty shield.


The wound of yesterday can be the light of tomorrow.

The light of tomorrow can be the cure for pain.

The pain will make you wiser and stronger,

Head up high and be the torch bearer.


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