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Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There’s a season for everything and a season for every activity under heaven.” You may be in the season of waiting right now. I tell you, the season of waiting has two seasons itself, summer and winter. Usually,you wait because the time is not yet right. And you’ll only know it’s right if it’s God’s time.

In the beginning, it feels like you’re in between summer and winter, I called it balance. No highs and lows, just parallel. Everything seems to be fine. But when you’re in the peak of such season, you will demand answers too soon. Time will pressure you. You’ll be tested, like crucible is for silver. You’ll be experiencing the two seasons mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter what comes first. The worst is, you’ll be tempted not to see the end because your path is not as clear as crystal anymore. When that time comes, remember the end of a matter is better than its beginning.

In summer season, everything is dry and does not make sense. There’s a great silence, and all you can hear is your inner voice. You’ll be drowned of your own thoughts of things never happened and not sure will happen. Also, the light will get dim and you’ll start to lose hope. I am sure, by that time you might tell yourself that you don’t deserve what’s happening. My dear remember, patience is better than pride. Great things take time so take your time little by little.

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And in winter season, the air is cold. I bet, temptations are all around waiting to devour you. They will offer you warmth which you seek because it’s cold. Don’t give in, don’t dig a pit and don’t roll the stones, believe me those are the last things you want to do, because it is not yet time my dear. In this season there will be a lot of uncertainties. You may have hundreds of unanswered questions yet you have thousands of reasons to wait. You’ll have lot of “what ifs” but I want you to take advantage this part, tell yourself “What if I Wait”. And know that God made everything beautiful in His time.

My dear, do not awaken love until it pleases. Because there is one thing that is certain in the season of waiting. Waiting has an end. And little did I know, there are three seasons in waiting, I may not know this if I did not wait. I may not experience the season of fall if I did not wait. In fall, you reap. I won’t go further on this because I want you to experience such season by yourself and I want you to wait.

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