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With the ocean drift away
From this world led astray
With sands in your hand
As if everything is by your command

By the gentle wind that went by
Be taken far to the heavenly sky
Tis this feeling of freedom
For all sufferings you shall overcome

Let the stars lead you right
My dear lovely sight
Always here by your side
Till our worlds collide

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Never shall you be alone
Nor shall be left forlorn
With my prayers unfailingly
Holding your hand till eternity

For we are bereft of separation
As this heart knows no distinction
For our mirrored souls will never part
As i held you dear from the very start

May God hold you close
Be His beloved most
Blessed with His warm embrace
For all the rest of your days

May He smile always upon you my Rainbow
Such Silver Lining i’ll never let go
May thy Hereafter be filled with His Love
As angels welcome you to His kingdom above

May God hear this silent plea
May He see you as I see thee
Forever shall I be
A blessing to you by the Almighty

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