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As cliché as it sounds, “It is really not you, it’s me.”

Hindi porket iniwan kita ay kulang kana, hindi porket iniwan kita ay may mali na sayo, sobrang mahal kita kaya kinakailangan kong lumayo. Marami akong bagahe na kahit gaano mo pa ako kamahal ay hinding hindi ko iyon makikita dahil sa dami kong dinadala.

This is my story, not yours. Don’t define yourself based on my point of view. Sabi nga ni Steven Furtick, “there’s a hole in your story”, there is definitely a big hole in me that can’t be filled by you.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I can’t make you wait while I’m fixing myself, ayoko ng sobrang pressures sa buhay. Makasarili ako, you know it, because I am so scared. People who are scared tend to be selfish, I am scared of commitment. Babae ako pero takot akong mag commit dahil ayoko ng responsibilidad na kaakibat ng pagmamahal.

Ayokong nasasaktan, ayokong mangontrol, ayokong magselos, I don’t like the emotions associated with romance. I tend to just use people for my own pleasure, I don’t really care about what you feel.

The demons within me are so scary, they tend to lashed out whenever I try to love a person. They kept me in prison and keep whispering in my ears that I will never know how to properly process my emotions. So, I am sorry if I did really hurt you that much. I will never know your pain.

To the guy I love but chose to leave, whatever your version of our breakup story, I will always honor it, and tell people to believe it. Because you are really a nice man, I trusted and will always trust you with my life.

Soar high, succeed, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed with the pain I caused you, I am just a lesson in your life.

You are still the best person I have ever known.

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