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I know it’s painful but you need to stop.

As Adults, we have experienced a lot of pains and sufferings. Now, why are we addicted to it? Why? For example someone broke up with you? You’ve tried to win him back? And what did you get? Cold treatment and further pain. Why are we doing this to ourselves? Because of love? No, this is a complete torture. Once a man tells you he’s no longer into you and breaks up with you, believe him: he is telling the truth.

Most of the time, we will experience the phase of denial. Day dreaming that everything will go back to the way it used to be, that he will hold on to the love: you and him shared. But girl, this is the reality. We don’t get what we want. We move on to the things that don’t benefit us anymore. I’m telling you, feeling the consistent pain in your heart is never healthy. It makes you weak, lethargic and depressed. Would you want to wake up everyday feeling unworthy and broken? While the other party feels nothing? Goes on with his life as if he didn’t hurt anyone? You think that’s fair? Of course, not. Well this is time. MOVE ON. Forget about him and again don’t you dare nurse that painful feeling. You’ll be good.

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