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You’re my companion I used to share random talks with; the one with whom I let these giggles and laughter go freely; the one with whom I found the true meaning of friendship and realized afterwards that it really exceeds beyond that.

You’re like my younger sibling with whom I share my common interests; one of those favorite persons I ever have; and the same person to whom I used to tell even the littlest secrets of my life. I have this inner confidence that all these conversations we had were all safe and secure no matter how pointless and insensible they were. There’s nobody who can listen on my endless drama and understand the way I am than you do.

Time flew so fast and I finally gave up all my assurance. That made it happened to hand my reserved bottle of trust to you.

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However, unexpectedly, it slipped from your hand and fell on the ground—a shattering sound that awakened every part of this self.

It was broken—again.

The bottle of trust I’ve been taking care for a long period of time was here, piece by piece, longing for justice. I always end up interrogating myself, “Why am I so easy to please when it comes to trust?”

Déja vu. It’s quite exhausting. After everything turned in a series of this happening, it looks like I can’t give even a pinch of it anymore. It’s kind of complicated to trust myself again for trusting someone who doesn’t deserve to be trusted. It’s hard for something to bring back its original phase once it’s already flawed.

True enough, it’s a big thwack for me that I’ve entrusted everything I am to that person. In the end, I found myself being stabbed with a dagger at my back; the feeling of being betrayed. Why did you unwrap those things that were meant to be kept inside the box?

Amidst this excruciating pain, I’ll still run to the Father—letting myself to be taught by Him on how to forgive, because I, too, disappoint Him at times. Who am I to take pride of my own emotions, when in fact, I am one of the products of His grace? To forgive is to be at peace.

What I can do now is to surrender everything at His feet, knowing that only He can mend these wounds.

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