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Clarity is the state of being clear. Know what your intentions are in a relationship. Intentions are meant to be pure and clear. A relationship is like journeying to a particular place. With clear intentions you are more likely to reach your goal that is to arrive at your final destination. Your intentions and not your emotions will bring you there. To make that possible, you should know the right paths so you won’t be lost. You should know the risks involved so you can prepare and make plans in advance. Moreover, you should know the answers to your “whys” like why would you go there, why would you spend money, time and energy? The answers will make you more committed to achieve your goal.

A relationship without clarity has no good direction and destination.

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Consistency does not mean being available and the same all the time. It is about how consistent you are of being there for your relationship in all seasons. Be there when you are needed not just when you are wanted. Be genuine and don’t pretend to be someone else. Make sure your words match your actions. And make promises only if you can keep them. Being consistent is being committed.

A relationship without consistency is like a man who built a house without foundation. It’s foolishness.


Commitment is the partner’s choice to stay together no matter how imperfect the relationship is. That is why, love is not just a feeling but more of a choice. The choice to always put the relationship first rather than one’s own interest. It is about choosing to love unconditionally – to respond with love in all difficult times. Choose patience over impatience that leads to anger. Choose kindness over rudeness. Don’t delight in evil but rejoice with the truth. Instead of being envious, be grateful and contended. Swallow your pride and humble yourself. Don’t be self-seeking, serve one another and bear one another’s burden. Because love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8).

A relationship without commitment is like chasing after the wind. It is meaningless.

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